Private Equity

The African Growth story has attracted new capital from outside Africa seeking to benefit from the growth opportunities. We have experience in advising companies seeking to grow their businesses with private equity capital. We also advise private equity funds who wish to be part of the Africa Rising narrative. We are privileged to have been part of the whole private equity process right from fundraising from limited partners, setting up the fund structure, signing non-disclosure agreements, performing due diligence on target companies, structuring the deals with financial and tax advisers, managing compliance issues, and exiting the investments.


  • Representing the first Ugandan Private Equity Fund on its successful fundraising and set up. This fund has Ugandan limited partners and Ugandan fund managers.
  • Representing the second largest pharmacy chain on the acquisition of its shares by a Private Equity Fund.
  • Representing Ascent Capital, the fund manager of the Ascent Rift Valley Fund, on its intended acquisition of SMEs in Uganda.
  • Representing one of the oldest insurance companies in Uganda on the buyout of an existing shareholder and the capitalisation of the business by a private equity fund through the acquisition of part of its share capital.